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Gene Watson's Peers within the country music industry believe in the sheer talent of this unassuming man from east Texas, so much so that Gene is regarded by many of them as 'the singer's singer' - and rightly so!

All of Gene Watson's Peers who were contacted during 2007 were most gracious with their time and words.  It is here, within this special part of The Gene Watson Fan Site, that you have an opportunity to read a quote from Sarah Jory, which she submitted to this site on Monday 3 September 2007.

Sean Brady would like to take this opportunity to say 'thank you' to Sarah Jory who has made a special contribution to a unique part of this online 'celebration of a Lone Star Hero'.

Sarah Jory
This quote was submitted on Monday 3 September 2007.

'I became aware of the music of Gene Watson when I was about 11 or 12 years of age.

It was through the song 'Farewell Party' and the steel guitarist on that song was my hero Lloyd Green and he played the most beautiful solo in the middle of the song and I really wanted to learn how to play it.


I had just gone from a few years of playing the Hawaiian steel onto the pedal steel guitar and Lloyd was one of my favourites and learning to play that solo was a landmark turning point for me.

I then went on to buy just about every album that Gene Watson made over the years because for me his voice did, and still does, demonstrate the true meaning of a perfect country sound.

He has made some of the very best country albums you will find anywhere and he not only can truly sell you the song on album, I have had the great pleasure of seeing him live many times over the years and he is just as amazing live.

Gene Watson will always be a king pin in my collection of country music greats!'

Thank you, Sarah Jory, for your support of Gene Watson.

About Sarah Jory...

Sarah Jory, a native of Reading in Berkshire, England where she was born Sarah Elizabeth Jory on Thursday 20 November 1969, graduated to playing steel guitar at an extraordinarily early age; she got her first steel guitar when she was five years old, played her first concert when she was six years old and joined her first band when she was nine years old.

In 1978, Sarah Jory was a featured artist on BBC Radio 2's 'Live from Golder's Green' where she was backed by the group Poacher.

Arthur James Jory (Friday 23 May 1930 - Friday 5 October 2012)

It was also in 1978 when Sarah Jory's Dad, Arthur James Jory (Friday 23 May 1930 - Friday 5 October 2012), noted an advertisement for a steel guitarist to join a four-piece band called Colorado Country.

Arthur Jory secured an audition and Sarah was subsequently hired; the band also changed their name to Sarah & Colorado Country.  Sarah Jory worked with Colorado Country for four years, followed by an assortment of gigs while she completed her schooling.

In 1980, when she was eleven years old, Sarah Jory saw the release of her first album; 'Sarah's Steel Line' (Crow Records, 1980) was made with the Warrington, England-based band Poacher.

As a result of 'Sarah's Steel Line' (Crow Records, 1980), Sarah Jory was invited to play the important Peterborough Festival of Country Music in the east of England.

In 1982, when she was thirteen years old, international success began with Sarah Jory's first visit to America; she appeared at the annual Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis, Missouri where she played a set with Buddy Emmons (Wednesday 27 January 1937 - Wednesday 29 July 2015), one of her biggest heroes.

Between 1984 and 1992, Sarah Jory played major steel guitar conventions in the United States on thirteen occasions and shared the same stage as Buddy Emmons (Wednesday 27 January 1937 - Wednesday 29 July 2015), Lloyd Green and Paul Franklin.

It was during these visits to the United States that Sarah worked with country music stars Ricky Skaggs, Porter Wagoner (Friday 12 August 1927 - Sunday 28 October 2007) and Gene Watson.

In 1985, Sarah Jory was voted 'Most Promising New Act' by the British Country Music Association (BCMA) and, for eight consecutive years in the 1990s, Sarah was voted 'Female Vocalist of the Year' by the British Country Music Association (BCMA) and, since 1997, she has been voted 'European Country Rock Entertainer of the Year'.

In 1988, Sarah Jory made her first vocal tape, 'No Time at All', and spent some time developing a new act around the pub circuit in Bristol, England.  It was also in 1988 when she formed a new, fully professional band.

In 1991, Sarah Jory opened for Eric Clapton in Dublin, Ireland and undertook a nationwide tour in the United Kingdom with Glen Campbell.

Sarah Jory plays banjo, mandolin, guitar and keyboards, as well as steel guitar but, when she signed with Ritz Records, she grasped the opportunity to show off her vocal talents with the release of 'New Horizons' (Ritz Records, 1992), which included the following tracks:

'Never Had it so Good' (written by Mary Chapin Carpenter and John Jennings)
'Look at Us', which was written by Max D. Barnes (Friday 24 July 1936 - Sunday 11 January 2004) and Vince Gill
'Take Your Memory with You' (written by Vince Gill)
'The Strings That Tie You Down', which was written by Max D. Barnes (Friday 24 July 1936 - Sunday 11 January 2004) and Vince Gill
'The Wind Beneath My Wings', which was written by Jeff Silbar and Lawrence Joel 'Larry' Henley (Wednesday 30 June 1937 - Thursday 18 December 2014)
'Orange Blossom Special'
'How Do' (written by Mary Chapin Carpenter)
'Til a Tear Becomes a Rose' (written by Wilbur Steven 'Bill' Rice and Mary Sharon Vaughn)
'You'll Never Get to Heaven'
'Take a Love off My Mind'
'Heartaches by the Number', which was written by Harlan Howard (Thursday 8 September 1927 - Sunday 3 March 2002)
'Sarah's Dream'

In 1994, Sarah Jory saw the release of a single, a version of Jackie DeShannon's 'When You Walk in the Room'.

On Sunday 2 April 1995, Sarah Jory was one of the female country artists included in an edition of the major United Kingdom television documentary/arts series, 'The South Bank Show', which was hosted by Melvyn Bragg.

'The South Bank Show' was produced by London Weekend Television (LWT) and was shown on the (Independent Television) ITV network between 1978 and 2010.

In 1995, 1996 and 1997, Sarah Jory was presented with the 'British Female Vocalist of the Year' Award by the British Country Music Association (BCMA).

On 12 October 1995, Sarah Jory saw the release of 'Love with Attitude' (Ritz Records, 1995), which was recorded in Nashville, and included the following tracks:

'Whatever Way The Wind Blows'
'Some Kind of Fool'
'If I Had Any Pride Left at All'
'Wise Beyond Her Tears'
'Don't Walk in Here Like You Never Walked Out'
'I Just Don't Love You'
'Back Seat Driver'
'The Story Behind Her Smile'
'Love with Attitude'
'You Can Say That Again & Again'
'When Promises Made are Promises Kept'
'Now It's Time'
'With All the Love'
'Same Track, Different Trains'
'Last Date'

On Monday 8 March 1999, Sarah Jory saw the release of 'Kiss My Innocence' (Tamarin Records, 1999), which included the following tracks:

'Always the Same in Love'
'Kiss My Innocence'
'Jealous Guy'
'Talk to Me'
'Out of My Hands'
'Stay the Night'
'Rhythm in the Rain'
'Eyes of Love'
'Last Horizon'
'Wounded I Bleed'
'Knock on Wood'

Sarah Jory has a stunning vocal style, while she is also an accomplished musician whether on electric or acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, mandolin or banjo.

At the time of the acquisition of this Gene Watson 'Peer's Quote', on Monday 3 September 2007, Sarah Jory was playing pedal steel guitar, dobro and banjo for Van Morrison.

Between September 2006 and January 2010, Sarah Jory was a musician and backing vocalist for Van Morrison's touring and recording line-up (Exile Productions and Listen to the Lion Records).

During 2006 and 2009, Sarah Jory played with Van Morrison's band and performed on his album 'Keep It Simple' (United Kingdom: Exile / Polydor Records, 2008 / United States: Lost Highway Records, 2008), which was recorded 'live' in concert at Blackpool Opera House, Blackpool, England on Saturday 26 January 2008, and included the following tracks:

'How Can a Poor Boy?' (written by by Van Morrison)
'School of Hard Knocks' (written by by Van Morrison)
'That's Entrainment' (written by by Van Morrison)
'Don't Go to Nightclubs Anymore' (written by by Van Morrison)
'Lover Come Back' (written by by Van Morrison)
'Keep it Simple' (written by by Van Morrison)
'End of the Land' (written by by Van Morrison)
'Song of Home' (written by by Van Morrison)
'No Thing' (written by by Van Morrison)
'Soul' (written by by Van Morrison)
'Behind the Ritual' (written by by Van Morrison)

Sarah Jory played steel guitar, on all tracks, on Van Morrison's 'Keep It Simple' (United Kingdom: Exile / Polydor Records, 2008 / United States: Lost Highway Records, 2008); Sarah also played banjo on 'Song of Home' (written by Van Morrison) and 'Don't go to Nightclubs Anymore' (written by Van Morrison).

On Monday 9 February 2009 (in the United Kingdom), and Tuesday 24 February 2009 (in the United States), Van Morrison saw the release of 'Astral Weeks: Live at The Hollywood Bowl' (Listen to The Lion Records, 2009), which was recorded during two 'live' concerts at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California on Friday 7 November 2008 and Saturday 8 November 2008.

Sarah Jory played rhythm guitar on Van Morrison's 'Astral Weeks: Live at The Hollywood Bowl' (Listen to The Lion Records, 2009), which was released on Van Morrison's record label, Listen to the Lion Records; the album was distributed by EMI.

A DVD of performances from the concerts, 'Astral Weeks Live at The Hollywood Bowl: The Concert Film' was released on Tuesday 19 May 2009.

The 'live' performances of the eight original songs which feature on Van Morrison's 'Astral Weeks: Live at The Hollywood Bowl' (Listen to The Lion Records, 2009) took place forty years after the classic 'Astral Weeks' (Warner Bros. Records, 1968) was first released by Warner Bros. Records in 1968.  One of the original musicians, guitarist Jay Berliner, joined with the many other musicians on the revisited version of 'Astral Weeks'.

In 2009, Sarah Jory performed with the group Essence of Ireland on a major tour.

Between March 2010 and November 2011, Sarah Jory enjoyed a varied role, both as a musician and vocalist, in the Essence of Ireland Touring Production, and also on the touring management side.  Sarah Jory made contributions on pedal steel guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, percussion and vocals; she also acted as band manager.

In August 2010, Sarah Jory toured with Gene Watson at various veenues in England, including St. George's Hall in Bristol, when she clearly demonstrated her fine skils on steel guitar and acoustic guitar.

Sarah Jory continues to perform, both as a solo artist, and as a guest band member at numerous festivals, and with her band throughout the United Kingdom.

Her musical ability, style and versatility also mean Sarah Jory is continually in demand as a session player on numerous albums.

• Visit Sarah Jory's Official Site at sarahjory.co.uk


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